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About JointMed

Joint Medical Products Caribbean Limited is a specialist company which caters to the medical subspecialties of Orthopaedics, Neurosurgery, Craniomaxillofacial, Infection Control, and Wound Care and more recently Bausch and Lomb Surgical ophthalmological products which are patient centered and surgeon oriented in medical institutions in Trinidad and Tobago and within the English Speaking Caribbean region. The Company also participates in several domestic Governmental Tenders for equipment each year, both in core business and also in non-core business.

We have been in existence for twelve years to date and together with our previous supply house Biomet Inc, and now present supply house Stryker Inc of Michigan, United States, we have achieved significant market penetration in key regional markets such as Jamaica, St. Lucia and Barbados as well as our primary market in Trinidad and Tobago. Our product portfolio is diverse but is primarily focused upon Traumatology, Joint Replacement Products, complex primary hip and knee surgery, limb salvage products, infection control and wound healing. These product offerings reflect the commitment to bringing the best products and services possible to fulfill the challenging demands which patients and surgeons must overcome.

Our company represents Stryker Inc. in business subunits of Orthopaedic Trauma and Reconstructive Orthopedics (hip and Knee) which excludes sports medicine. We hope to further expand and capitalize upon the Traumatology segment of our product portfolio.

Driven by the need for cost effective and innovative solutions in the markets which we serve, Joint Medical Products Caribbean Limited’s existence, contract-pricing agreements with all major Regional Health Authorities (RHA’s) in Trinidad and Tobago were signed to supply both implants and equipment on consignment. Some of the RHA’s in Trinidad and Tobago which we do have pricing arrangements with are the North West Regional Health Authority and The South West Regional Health Authority. We also work with the Eastern Regional Health Authority, the North Central Regional Health Authority and all other Private healthcare institutions.

Joint Medical Products Caribbean Limited has enjoyed steady growth since inception in 2005 and we have established ourselves as the major provider for surgical implants and equipment for the clients in the Orthopaedic trauma and reconstructive markets. More recently with the acquisition of the Bausch and Lomb Surgical portfolio, we can expand our offerings and diversify our product portfolio.

At Joint Medical, we value integrity and seek to ensure comprehensive service and support with emphasis on customer satisfaction in the health care market. Our Sales Representatives are highly trained in all products which the company offers, their clinical applications and indications for use and provide useful product information during surgical usage. The core belief demonstrated by our staff and Board of Directors is to provide the best healthcare solutions one patient at a time. It reflects our philosophy of patient centered care and focus on the minute details of our client’s needs.

Thank you,
Alfred Lousaing
CEO, Joint Medical Products Caribbean Limited.